Material Consultants Training & Accreditation


All Materials Consultants Pty Ltd technicians are extensively trained to a high level of competency to perform the tests under our “Scope of Accreditation”.

Technicians must successfully complete a Radiation Health and Safety training course prior to attaining a license for operation of Nuclear Density/Moisture Gauge, the industry standard used for compaction control testing.

Supervision Levels & Delegated Signatories

In August 2012 Materials Consultants adopted the new industry standard specified by NATA for the issuing and signing of test reports and facility supervision. This new standard replaces the now incumbent NATA Approved Signatory system, where NATA would assess technicians put forward by the company for their technical knowledge, responsibilities in issuing and signing test reports and their obligations in complying with ISO 17025. The new industry standard requires Materials Consultants to internally assess technicians in these areas and authorise/delegate technicians to sign and issue test reports. Each and every technician at Materials Consultants is trained and encouraged to achieve a supervision level where they can be awarded internal delegated signatory status, and if they choose, eventually become a field laboratory supervisor.

Becoming an internally Designated Signatory at Materials Consultants Pty Ltd ensures that the technician:

  • Is competent at performing the test
  • Has knowledge and understanding of why the test is undertaken and interpretation of the achieved results
  • Can calculate and report the achieved results, ensuring they are true and accurate
  • Understands the moral and legal obligations of performing and reporting of the test results.

Becoming a field laboratory supervisor ensures that the technician:

  • Has achieved Delegated Signatory status for the range of tests performed in the field laboratory
  • Is competent in maintaining compliance of equipment within the field laboratory
  • Is capable of managing a small team
  • Has the proven necessary skills to liaise with Project Engineers, Site Supervisors, Quality Managers and other clients
  • Is familiar with Materials Consultants Pty Ltd Quality Systems, ISO/IEC 17025 field application document & nata LQM and ISO17025/NATA requirements

Academic Qualifications

Materials Consultants technicians are provided the opportunity to undertake traineeship courses offered by LabTechTraining, a Nationally Recognised Training Provider.
Trainees commence at a Certificate III or IV level depending on their skills and experience. A growing number of Materials Consultants technicians have achieved certificates at an Advanced Diploma level, which allows them to progress to the highest Supervision Level. Employees are encouraged to undertake these courses to gain further knowledge and experience which further improves their abilities to perform and understand tests, procedures and lab systems. Materials Consultants supplies the facilities and time required for the completion of these courses and acknowledge that these Nationally Recognised Qualifications as beneficial to both employee and employer.